Practical Steps towards good Mental Health

7th September 2018 – 9:30 – 16:30

Oldham – Positive Steps

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Whether you work with people or live with people, the chances are you or someone you know has at one time struggled with their Mental Health. The fact is we all have Mental Health and this regularly fluctuates between feeling well and not feeling well. Things happen in the world even to the strongest, wisest and calmest of people, however it’s not what happens that dictates the future, It’s our response to it that influences what happens next.

Everything we do is dependent on our state of mind, yet very few of us are taught to get the best from our Psychology.This workshop aims to turn the way we think about Mental Health on its head and focuses on what it is to have good Mental Health. Introducing practical things we can do to support ourselves and others to feel well more often, so we can have more choice in our experiences and make the most of the time, people and things we share the world with. This course is not therapy, although you may find it therapeutic.

This workshop is not about labels, diagnosis or intended to replace medical advice by qualified medical professionals. Instead, by not focussing on labels, diagnosis or treating ‘disorders’ we will direct our attention onto what ‘Mental Health’ is, what it means to us, and how by raising our awareness of how we make sense of the world around us we can introduce more choice and purpose into our thinking, feeling and behaviour on a daily basis.

NLP is a practical approach to understanding how we make sense of the world, how we communicate this to ourselves and others, and the habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour we operate from.

By using models from NLP, Steven Covey, Positive Psychology, Hypnosis, Person Centred Approaches and more you will develop incredibly useful and practical ways of understanding what makes us ‘tick’ as human beings. Along with techniques that you can practise and use straight away to;

  • Understand more about how you and others make sense of the world around you
  • help you step into a positive state of mind –  manage critical self talk, worry and anxiety
  • get clearer about what you want in life and find the resources to get it
  • begin to explore and direct unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour.

Content will include

  • Understanding Perception, Thinking and behaviour
  • Conscious/Unconscious processing
  • Understanding Individual Difference
  • Levels of experience – Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual
  • Understanding State and State change techniques
  • Proactively managing stress
  • The power of Habit & Well formed outcomes

Delivered by Eddie & Deb Mullany, who have worked within Health & Social Care for the last 25 + years. Eddie is an Accredited Trainer of NLP and Registered Hypnotherapist and Deb is a Practitioner of NLP and Trainer. Over the last 5 years we have worked independently with Carers Organisations, in Education,  with The National Careers Service, In Prisons and Domestic Violence services delivering high quality and effective training experiences designed to help people understand more about themselves and each other.

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