Autism Awareness – An NLP Perspective

Autism Awareness (1 day) – For workers in Health & Social Care, Services and the community.

This course introduces participants to the myths, stereotypes and labels someone living with Autism may experience and goes further into introducing the concepts and models that begin to allow you to understand how someone else’s experiences of the world around them are different than your own.

This courses goes deeper into the meanings and impact of ‘Triad of impairment” and Sensory processing issues usually associated with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and invites you to consider how your own sensory experience differs from others.

As well as raising awareness of ‘Autistic Spectrum Disorders’ and Individual difference, this one day course invites participants to reflect on their practises and explore approaches that can be the difference that makes the difference.

course contents include:

  • What Autism is and is not
  • ‘Autistic Spectrum Disorders’
  • The Triad of impairment – Social, Communication & Imagination
  • Time & Sequencing
  • Physical, Emotional and Cognitive ‘Intelligences’
  • Sensory Processing – Perception, Thinking & Behaviour
  • Individual Difference & Generalisation of ‘Labels’

optional 2nd Day content

  • The model of effectiveness
  • Person Centred Approaches & working to Outcomes
  • Personal Flexibility & sensory awarness
  • Rapport & Connection
  • Action Planning

Delivered by Roots2Reality, this course can be commissioned for *Teams and *Services.


Open courses hosted by us are Priced at £75 per delegate for the 1 dayAwareness  event and the optional 2nd day can be added for a total cost of £125 per delegate (min 12 – max 20)

*Longer term commissioning contracts can be discussed and priced accordingly – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

contact us for more information and to book.



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