Managing difficult conversations


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Managing difficult conversations

This session on managing difficult conversations is for people who want to be able to communicate well in times of high emotion and adapt their approach to connect meaningfully with people even in times of disagreement.

Presented in a down to earth practical way, this course will help participants explore their approaches to difficult conversations within the context of the organisation, whilst learning practical skills that can help you manage your own state, connect meaningfully to others and communicate in a way that enable collaboration, event in difficult circumstances.

Great for challenging jobs and high pressure professions as well as for personal development. Make times of disagreement more agreeable.

Delivered in 2 hour, 3 hour or full day events, this course will introduce participants to some useful ways of thinking to help them;

  • Understanding Perception, thinking & behaviour (what do we think of as 'difficult' and why is it different?)
  • Understanding State & State management (utilising all of the teams input to develop a shared vision and priorities)
  • Rapport & Influence  (How to connect to others in a way that promotes understanding & communication)
  • Giving and receiving feedback (1* day course only - how to give and receive feedback positively and pre-frame expectations and agreements)
  • Meaning in Communication (*1 day course - Using your body language, verbal communication and words to makes sense to other people)
  • Avoiding conflict and drama (*1 day course only - How to avoid the repetitive nature of Drama and support yourself and other to challenge, support and assert.)

Including all course materials in workbooks and presented with humour, pace and commitment. This taster could be the seed that helps your organisation harness the creative process to create a supportive, high achieving workforce.

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