Managing stress for peak performance


This taster session can be delivered in 2 hour, 3 hour or full day sessions.

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Managing Stress for peak performance

This session on managing stress for peak performance is for people who like to challenge themselves in life and work and also want to look after themselves so they can perform at their best more of the time.

Presented in a down to earth practical way, this course will help people understand why taking stress seriously and developing ways to manage it pro-actively will not only improve performance but will also increase you quality of life in all areas.

Great for challenging jobs and high pressure professions as well as for personal well-being. Being able to recognise and manage stress can can have a huge impact personally and an even bigger impact on performance and productivity.

Delivered in 2 hour, 3 hour or full day events, this course will introduce participants to some useful ways of thinking to help them;

  • understand and be aware of stress and it impact (if you don't recognise it, you won't do anything about it)
  • pro-actively manage stress to maintain optimum health and performance (develop positive habits to manage stress regularly)
  • techniques for stress relief and relaxation (understanding how they work and how to use them)
  • working smarter not harder (getting more done by doing less) (1* day course only - recognising your circles of influence)
  • Setting outcomes you are far more likely to achieve (*1 day course)
  • managing your state of mind for optimum performance (*1 day course only)

Including all course materials in workbooks and presented with humour, pace and commitment. This taster could be the seed that helps your organisation deal positively with workplace stress to create a supportive, high achieving workforce.

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