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Working with Rise-up CIC (Community Interest company) in developing and delivering a 6 week project in Prisons that introduces people to a different way of thinking about the impact of the choices we all make.

Using Rap, Poetry, Prose and Music, Rise up combines creativity with self awareness, emotional intelligence, social learning & self reflection.  A programme built heavily on NLP, the programme uses Creativity, Clean Language & Approaches to introduces concepts to develop a deeper sense of self awareness;

  • Perception, thinking and behaviour –
  • Individual difference,
  • Stress management and relaxation,
  • Rapport and communication
  • The Drama Triangle
  • Setting well formed outcomes.
  • Team building & Collaboration
  • Support with CV’s & Disclosure letters

Working as part of the Rise Up team, I can say this project is making a real difference and introducing people to creative ways to manage the challenges we all face in our lives. A real pleasure to be a part of it.

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