Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psycho-Education

A positive approach to mental health, communication and well-being.

Very few of us get to learn about how we make sense of the world around us.

In our busy and eventful lives it can be easy to get lost in situations that might lead us into feeling we’ve got no choice or control. Everything we do in life is dependent on our ‘state of mind’ and our ability to communicate effectively with others. How we think about things plays a huge part in everything we do.  At home,  at work and at play; how we think and feel about ourselves, others and how clear we are about what we want is the difference that makes the difference in how successful we become.

We use a  practical ‘Psycho-educational’ approach to change and development that means you develop your own awareness of  the unique way you make sense of the world around you. We offer practical tools and techniques you can use that can help you to;


  • Look after your mental health
  • Develop more confidence & presence
  • Manage stress and worry
  • Get clearer about what you want in life
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills
  • Improve learning and memory


Increasing our awareness leads to a greater sense of control and choice in our experiences in life.

Although its not all about problems it can help anxiety, depression, low mood, addictions, emotional issues, dealing with trauma, confidence & self esteem,weight loss, sports performance, confidence, relationships & communication.



You never know how far a change will go…

Psycho Education 

We all learn how to be us from the people around us. The influences we have in our lives help to shape the way we see, hear and feel the world around us, the meanings we make and the values we hold dear.

Learning more about how we make sense of the world can help us develop more choice in control in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Learning the things we should have all been taught at School from an early age.

Although we don’t have a requirement for a minimum number of sessions, we recommend anyone wanting to access our Psycho-educational 1-1 sessions to commit to attending the whole programme of 6 sessions. Our first session will be free and include an overview of the process, the concepts and principles involved and an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have a about the process. This means you get the information and an experience before you decide to continue.

These sessions can also be of great benefit to explore with a partner, to help build relationships as part of improving communication, connection and understanding of each other. – contact us for more details.



NLP & Indirect Hypnosis 

Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming have developed powerful ways in which we can begin to make powerful changes in the way we think, feel and behave. Hypnosis is a part of the process of accessing an altered state of mind that allows you to embed these changes into the unconscious mind in a way that creates long lasting change that feels familiar, natural and makes sense to you.

NLP & Hypnosis can help you to manage;

  • Pain and Discomfort,
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Develop Relaxation & comfort
  • Gain confidence and esteem
  • Aid memory and learning
  • Create the kind of life you want.

Fully qualified, insured and registered with the General Hypnosis Register, Information Commissioners Office and The International NLP Trainers Association.

We offer a first free initial consultation where you can ask any questions and we explain more about the process. There are no minimum sessions, flexible booking and you can either come to us, or we can come to you.

Contact us now to arrange your initial consultation

Eddie: 0161 653 1806 or 07747 568 671


These sessions are open to anyone and we may request to write to your GP/Social worker should you be under treatment for any conditions which may already include counselling or medication. Your details are taken in the strictest confidence and only shared with your GP for consent and professional courtesy.


For more information on what NLP & Hypnosis are please visit the about NLP & Hypnosis page.