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Why is this stuff important?

Everything we do in life is dependent on our ‘state of mind’ and All ‘Tasks’ are put into place by a ‘Human Process’.

This means ‘how’ we do ‘what’ we do depends on far more than written Policies, Procedures and Guidelines we have to follow. In fact it is far more dependent on the perceptions, interpretations and interpersonal relationships of the people who get these tasks done.

Our ‘state of mind’ and ability to communicate with others is usually the deciding factor in the kind of outcomes we achieve and more importantly the daily experiences each of us has.

Very few of us learn about ‘How we think’

Self Awareness

We can spend hours learning about computers, mobile phones and how to ‘work’ things. Yet very few of us learn about how we think. Everything in life is dependent on our ‘state of mind’. This includes our relationships with ourselves and others, our experiences in life and work and the way we handle stressful or emotional situations.

Learning more about how we make sense of the world means that we can have more insight, more choices, more control and more opportunities in our lives.


Learning about how we make sense of the world leads to;

  • Improved awareness and self management
  • Clearer understanding of ourselves & others
  • Flexibility and Creativity in thinking & Behaviour
  • Increased emotional, social & physical intelligences
  • Better relationships & communication
  • Improved mental health & life experiences

Who we work with

We work with Individuals, Groups, Organisations and Services and to provide high quality training experiences that allow people to develop the skills, awareness and understanding to provide high quality, effective services. We believe in offering support & training that empowers others to take action themselves in a way that makes sense to them.

We have successfully delivered programmes and continue to work with  Schools, Youth Services, Careers Services, Carers Services, Learning Disability Services, Community groups, Domestic Violence Services, Prisons and more…

Based in Manchester, we offer a range of accredited and bespoke training programmes that help develop awareness, communication and understanding. Our courses offer practical tools and techniques to

  • understand and manage ourselves better
  • get on with, communicate and work positively with the difference in others
  • be clearer about the outcomes we’re aiming to achieve
  • take positive action

Because we have over 25 years experience in Public and Private sector services, this means our training is grounded in experience and practicality. We use real world examples which allow people to understand and integrate what they learn into their own ways of being in the world.

We have worked in Health & Social care Services, Schools, Prisons, Domestic Violence, Elderly Care, Businesses, Gyms…wherever people are

Some of our courses include;

  • Making Sense of Autism
  • Making Sense of Dementia
  • Empowering Positive Change 
  • People working with People
  • Choosing something different
  • Mindset for Strength & Performance
  • Engaging with people with profound and complex needs
  • Person Centred and Therapeutic Approaches


INLPTA Accredited training – for in house commissions and Open courses


  • NLP Foundation Diploma  
    • minimum of 30 hours classroom/4 days training room
  • NLP Practitioner
    • minimum of 130 hours classroom/16 days training room
Visit our All Courses Page to find out more about each course… or view our Events page for more information on upcoming Open courses

Something more unique in mind?

We can also offer a range of bespoke training events that can be developed around your group, organisation or service.

Bespoke training We have successfully delivered team development and planning events that can create a deeper understanding of the shared Mission, Vision & Values in organisations. This ultimately leads to improved understanding, relationships, communication and collaboration.


Check out our events page for upcoming training events, or see more information about some of our on the all courses page.

If you’re look to commission courses for you or your community groups, teams or organisation please contact us to see what offers we can give you around rates and longer term contracts.