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What we do

Training & Development

For a range of Bespoke and Accredited training programmes aimed at developing Self Awareness, Communication and Collaboration. Practical training that can be the difference that makes the difference in what you do.

Creative Project work

Creative Design & Development; Group work and developmental projects. Video Capture, Editing and Production services. Web design and content creation. If your project supports development within the community we can help.

NLP & Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psycho-Education

1-1 hourly sessions designed to help us understand how we make sense of the world around us, help us manage stress and worry and move closer to getting the kind of life we want.

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What people are saying

Good pace, good interaction opportunities, easy to follow and understand. Gave examples of different tools and asked us to think about how we would use them in our jobs and at home

S.M. Manager @ BwD Carers Organisation

Excellent delivery, good resources, very factual.

K.C. Advisor @ BwD Carers organisation

It will be useful in my role with young carers

J.S. Advisor @ CANW

Extremely interesting and useful in my own life as well as my work life

J.W. Advisor @ Bwd Carers Organisation

Really helpful, interactive and delivered very well

K.S. Advisor @ BwD Carers Organisation

Very useful both in my job and personal life

M.S Advisor @ BwD Carers Organisation

Very informative, useful models with realistic methods of applying them.

N.A. NA @ Health minds Calderdale

Really interesting and informative. Oversight of NLP as a model was interesting and thought provoking. Really enjoyed it.

J.G. JG @ Healthy minds Calderdale

I felt stretched in my knowledge of these ideas and it was enjoyable

N.M. N.M@CPC Halifax

Energetic and passionate delivery, well attended with a good mix of backgrounds

L.D. LD @ Children's Centres

Informative and engaging with a practical focus

S.W. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

The NLP can be used in my everyday working environment

J.B. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Interactive – full of information / techniques / explanations and a trainer who was full of passion and conviction

R.H. Manager@BwD Careers Service

Delivery style was really fantastic, use of wording really understandable

S.M. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Packed with useful and practical tools that explained and reinforced the theories/information given

R.M. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Very informative whilst providing practical examples also delivered at a good pace. The handouts are clear and are great to take away for future reference.

K.B. Advisor@BwD Careers Service

Found it really interesting. Helped me to recognise how small changes in what I do can help myself and others achieve much more

S.V. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

It was a really interesting and engaging day and I found it all extremely valuable.

T. T. SM@The Alzheimers Society

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About us

We formed in 2013 after 25 years experience working in the Public, Private and Third Sector Services. Now Roots2Reality continue to work with People, Groups, Organisations and Services offering Training & Development opportunities, Creative Services and one to one sessional work. All based around  understanding more about what makes us tick.

We have designed and delivered training and development workshops and projects for Community groups, Gyms, Service users and frontline Staff and Management Teams, that develop Communication  Personal & Professional Effectiveness and Positive Outcomes. Because we have direct experience in working in Services and continue to work with People in all sectors, we can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge with a practical approach.

More recently we have designed and delivered programmes for the National Careers Service and worked with partners from Domestic Violence Services, Prisons, CIC's, Therapists & Training organisations to design and deliver training programmes, Creative Projects and provide 1-1 support.

We offer a unique and effective way of engaging people who may have been labelled 'hard to reach', 'challenging' to support the development of self awareness, emotional intelligence and collaboration skills. We believe people make the choice they can at the time, and once we change our thinking, our choices also change.

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Mindset for Strength & Performance

Mindset for Strength & Performance

Strength & Performance – Adelaide Mill Oldham Mindset for Strength and Performance Last weekend saw Eddie at Strength and Performance Oldham, delivering a 3 hour ‘taster’ session to their members on understanding our Mindset. I’d like to say a special thanks to Lynsey & Mark for making this happen and for taking the initiative to […]

Is Hypnosis real? (introduction and part one)

So I’ve been practising hypnosis as a registered hypnotherapist now for almost two years. In that time I believe I have learned a great deal, both about myself and also about what we call ‘Hypnosis’. In this series of blogs I’d like to share with you some of the models and experiences that can demonstrate […]

Awareness, Creativity & Prison life…

So we’ve just completed the ‘2nd coming’ of the Rise up and Reach out project at HMP Risley. I’m feeling that usual feeling that comes with endings; glad we’ve had another successful project, whilst also partly sad it’s come to an end, well for now at least. As Ash & Stuart gather all the numbers, […]

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