Everything starts with you.

Your state of mind affects everything you do, everything you pay attention to and ultimately everyone you meet.
When you’re sick of learning about systems and procedures, come and learn more about human beings.
For self management, well-being, communication and collaboration,
the things we should’ve all been taught in school

In Organisations & Teams

Whatever you achieve in business, in services and in teams is a direct result of how individuals work together.
When it comes to human interaction things are never just Black & White
Do your team members have the skills, awareness and support to achieve more?.

About us

We believe at the heart of everything we do lies a very human experience. Our businesses, services, schools and communities are all made up of people. People making decisions and interacting to communicate ideas and information and get things done.

When things are working well it can be a rewarding experience, where people connect, support each other and enable each other to learn and grow. When this isn't working well it can be disastrous, for us all.

We specialise in providing affordable and ethical development experiences that promote understanding, collaboration and win/win outcomes for all involved.

Our approach to learning and development is based on 28 years of experience of working with people. We know that lasting change comes from learning and that helping people discover How they think is kinder and far more effective than telling people What to think.


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The space between what we know and what we don’t…

The space between what you know and what you don’t know is a curious boundary, and to my mind one to be ignored or explored at your own peril.  To explore it takes a sense of courage and curiosity rather than certainty, and to ignore it takes a sense of continued self delusion, ignorance and […]

Mindset for Strength & Performance

Mindset for Strength & Performance

Strength & Performance – Adelaide Mill Oldham Mindset for Strength and Performance Last weekend saw Eddie at Strength and Performance Oldham, delivering a 3 hour ‘taster’ session to their members on understanding our Mindset. I’d like to say a special thanks to Lynsey & Mark for making this happen and for taking the initiative to […]

Is Hypnosis real? (introduction and part one)

So I’ve been practising hypnosis as a registered hypnotherapist now for almost two years. In that time I believe I have learned a great deal, both about myself and also about what we call ‘Hypnosis’. In this series of blogs I’d like to share with you some of the models and experiences that can demonstrate […]

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