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Applied and accredited training events for you or your team that promote awareness, self management, communication & collaboration



Our open courses

If you're looking for a transformational learning experience that focuses on people rather than process (#peoplenotprocess) you're in the right place. All our upcoming courses are open to everyone regardless of background and experience, and are run in small groups (max 15) so there's plenty of time for you to really explore the concepts and practise the skills. To find a course running near you see our events page.

If you want to build skills and develop your self awareness you can find a range of accredited and applied training opportunities you can book onto directly.

Practically based and easy to follow, we bring the learning to life with real world examples to help you get the most out of it. Very competitively priced, our training events offer a supportive and friendly opportunity to learn in a way that makes sense to you and has a lasting impact for the future.

We are members of INLPTA *(The International NLP Trainers association) INLPTA are active in 50 countries across 5 continents, and promote the standards, ethics and quality on NLP Trainings around the world.

All our training meets the standards set by INLPTA and uses what we know to provide a great learning experience. Prices include all learning material and certificates (*where appropriate).

In house commissions for working with teams and organisations

We know that the most important factor to make learning work is to engage people in a way that makes sense to them.

In order for it to make sense it needs to be relevant and understandable with practical applications that produce real results.

With our background experience we can deliver our training to suit most contexts and sectors.

Wherever people are, our approach can perfectly compliment what you do.

As relevant for service user groups as it is for front-line staff, teachers, management teams and business owners.


We have delivered programs and training  in;

  • health & social and care
  • schools & education
  • prisons
  • domestic violence services
  • mental health
  • communities
  • businesses
  • fitness & leisure

We have extensive experience of working with groups that may be labelled 'hard to reach' in sometimes pressurised situations. Because we're authentic, committed and knowledgable about what we do, we can engage people in meaningful learning that can have a transformational effect.

So if you're interested in finding out more about how we can help you and your organisation approach the human process that supports what you do, get in touch with us or see some of our examples of taster sessions below.


Our taster/applied training sessions include;


Follow the links above to find out more about each course.

Most courses can be delivered in 2 or 3 hour 'taster' sessions and can be great to create awareness and introduce some new ideas. We can also run them or 1 or 2 day programmes to develop that awareness into more concrete practical skills.

Our accredited Training includes;


Prices quoted are for 'open courses', to find our how much you could save by running these courses as in-house commissions contact us below.

Training designed just for your organisation...

We can also offer tailored content delivery if you have a project or outcome in mind. We can offer help and support to help you find the best approaches to change and development within your organisation.

This can be really useful if you're looking to improve staff engagement or influence cultures in organisations. Investing in the individuals who make your organisation function can pay dividends for the future.

Get in touch with us below to find out more.


Some of our clients have included;

10/10 – Informative and well presented. The venue was good, the format was good and a good delivery of topics. I’d recommend training with R2R.

J.M. J.M @ Counsellor

10/10 Perfect content for foundation level to introduce key concepts and strategies. The training style and good mix of theory and practise worked well for me. Also over 2 separate weekends with space in-between.

H.W. H.W. @ Corporate Account manager

10/10 – Well paced, informative, very interesting and a good mix of theory and practise. The small groups meant we all had an opportunity to experience the practical. No place to hide of course! It was a good mix of like minded people. no-one dominated and I felt comfortable even though I hadn’t done the first part of the course with them.
I’d definitely recommend R2R training to others.

L.S. L.S. @ Counsellor

10/10 Eddie and Deb are both enthusiastic and passionate trainers. The course was very balanced and at a good pace. Excellent training.

J.V. J V @ mental health worker

10/10 Relaxed atmosphere with enthusiastic trainer with a non-judgemental approach. All aspects were useful and the pace was good for me.

A.G. A G @ Coach

10/10 Great atmosphere with friendly and patient trainer. Makes you eager to learn and with a good delivering speed.

E.G. E G @ Student Physiotherapist

10/10 Very informative, very well delivered. Some powerful concepts and shifts. All the practical activities support and consolidate the learning.

F.S. F S @ Coach

10/10 Very informative, concrete strategies, great rapport from the tutors during the sessions. Relevant content. Fabulous Weekends! Really enjoyed all of it to be honest, was able to see how I could use strategies to help me both professionally and personally. Great group sharing of experiences and Knowledge. (helpful)

A T @ Education Professional

10/10 The knowledge of the tutors and the way they delivered the content on a level I could understand. I have ‘dabbled’ with NLP previously but never got it! Extremely relevant personally and professionally – I will never think the same again. THANKYOU!

T.M-M. T M-M @ Behaviour Support

10/10 Fast paced, informative, interactive and concepts explained and demonstrated really well. Interactive, working in pairs and trying out the concepts – eg timelines / mirroring, language etc. Only course I’ve been on where I didn’t ‘dip’ and get tired. Brilliant tutors too.

Y.D.S Y D S @ CBT Counsellor

9/10 I feel that I have learnt a terrific amount about myself and how to consider other people’s feelings leading to their actions. I really enjoyed everything.

A.C. A C @ Business owner

9/10 Very engaging. Time flew and it was very immersive. Useful ways of helping others with ‘stuck’ ways and thinking.

E.U. E U @ Counsellor

10/10 for the combination of theory and practise.

V.C. V C @ Education professional

10/10 Inspiring, thought provoking, educational and practical. All of it was great and the techniques on the last day were surprisingly simple but effective.

S.W. S W @ Physical therapist

10/10 Friendly and informative. Can utilise in all areas.

R.P.K. R P K @ Business owner

10/10 Enjoyed all parts, useful in my future delivery. It was at a good pace.

A.N. A N @ Education Professional

10/10 I thoroughly enjoyed learning all the techniques to self help. I found the practical sessions excellent to deepen my understanding of each technique we learnt. I will be attending the Practitioner course!

A.T. A T @ Classrom assistant

10/10 Very knowledgeable, engaging, relevant and humorous trainers. Practical application linked to theory and lots of opportunity to practise it.

A.K. A K @ Headteacher

10/10 Engaging from welcome, interactive and full of ‘Whys and Hows’

H.M H M @ Tutor

10/10 – Course structure, time management and learning pace. Very user friendly and informative. Empowering.

S.J.M SJM @ Therapist

Good pace, good interaction opportunities, easy to follow and understand. Gave examples of different tools and asked us to think about how we would use them in our jobs and at home

S.M. Manager @ BwD Carers Organisation

Excellent delivery, good resources, very factual.

K.C. Advisor @ BwD Carers organisation

It will be useful in my role with young carers

J.S. Advisor @ CANW

Extremely interesting and useful in my own life as well as my work life

J.W. Advisor @ Bwd Carers Organisation

Really helpful, interactive and delivered very well

K.S. Advisor @ BwD Carers Organisation

Very useful both in my job and personal life

M.S Advisor @ BwD Carers Organisation

Very informative, useful models with realistic methods of applying them.

N.A. NA @ Health minds Calderdale

Really interesting and informative. Oversight of NLP as a model was interesting and thought provoking. Really enjoyed it.

J.G. JG @ Healthy minds Calderdale

I felt stretched in my knowledge of these ideas and it was enjoyable

N.M. N.M@CPC Halifax

Energetic and passionate delivery, well attended with a good mix of backgrounds

L.D. LD @ Children's Centres

Informative and engaging with a practical focus

S.W. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

The NLP can be used in my everyday working environment

J.B. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Interactive – full of information / techniques / explanations and a trainer who was full of passion and conviction

R.H. Manager@BwD Careers Service

Delivery style was really fantastic, use of wording really understandable

S.M. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Packed with useful and practical tools that explained and reinforced the theories/information given

R.M. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Very informative whilst providing practical examples also delivered at a good pace. The handouts are clear and are great to take away for future reference.

K.B. Advisor@BwD Careers Service

Found it really interesting. Helped me to recognise how small changes in what I do can help myself and others achieve much more

S.V. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

It was a really interesting and engaging day and I found it all extremely valuable.

T. T. SM@The Alzheimers Society


What you'll learn on our courses

  • Understanding Perception, thinking and behaviour
  • Conscious / unconscious processing and awareness
  • Individual difference
  • Learning & change
  • State & State management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Sensory acuity and awareness
  • Influencing Language
  • Rapport
  • Stress & Relaxation
  • Ethics & Ecology
  • Outcome focussing
  • Body language
  • more...


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