NLP Foundation Diploma (INLPTA accredited)


4 day NLP Foundation Diploma – accredited by the International NLP Training Association  (INLPTA)

Split into 2 two-day modules and running in locations around the northwest.

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If you'd like to find out more about how you can;

  • understand and manage yourself better (have more good days and less bad)
  • understand and communicate better with others (help avoid misunderstandings & drama to make more sense to more people more of the time)
  • enhance learning and  performance (how to create states of excellence and resourcefulness, and show others how to do the same)
  • get clearer about what you want in life (in a way your actually going to do something about it)

Then this might be just what your looking for. If you work with people, as a teacher, support worker, manager or in any other capacity that involves engaging and working with people.

In a world where that focuses mainly on what you do, this is an opportunity for you to explore more about how you do it. How your thinking and feelings influence your behaviour on a daily basis, the way you relate to your self,  the way you interact and relate with others, and ultimately the success of whatever you’re doing in life and work. This is the stuff we should've all been taught at school.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) gives you insights into these human processes and helps you develop a sense of awareness that enables you to have more choice and control over your own thinking and behaviour. As well as beginning to understand yourself better, you can then begin to understand the differences in others, and when you can understand someone’s behaviour you’re less likely to judge it, and more likely to put things in a way that makes sense to them.

Easy to learn and with a practical approach, you’ll learn the underpinning principles behind NLP, learn models, tools and techniques to manage yourself better, understand and communicate better with others and get clearer about what’s important to you in your life and work.

4 days over 2 weekends this course is fully accredited by the International NLP Trainers Association and will introduce you to the building blocks on which NLP is based. Give you practical approaches and techniques you can put to use from day one.

Course content includes;

  • The Origins of NLP – where NLP came from, it’s uses and history
  • Ecology & Ethics – NLP can be a powerful approach, as with all powerful tools it’s about the intent of what you do with it.
  • Understanding Perception, thinking and behaviour – How we make sense of the world around us
  • Understanding State – Our state of mind at any given moment
  • Anchoring – Techniques to help you step into a positive state of mind at will
  • Rapport & influence – How to connect to others in a way that allows for communication & collaboration
  • Well-formed outcomes – How to set goals that you are far more likely to achieve
  • Influencing Language – How small changes in what we do can invited different responses in others
  • Introducing Time & Timelines – How we all makes sense of time and how to work with it positively

All delivered in a friendly, down to earth way that brings the learning to life with real world examples and discussion. As well as introducing the ideas behind NLP you will get to do practical exercises to help you embody the learning with the skills to back it up. You'll get 2 workbooks that support the live training and a registered certificate of completion from the International NLP Trainers association,

Book today or contact us if you'd like to have a chat about how this can help you in what you do.

Reserve a place today for just £99 or pay in full right now online.

*Participants who have completed the 4 day NLP Foundation Diploma may also be eligible to go on to the fuller (16 day) Certified NLP Practitioner Programme, see below for more details or contact us.


10/10 – Well paced, informative, very interesting and a good mix of theory and practise. The small groups meant we all had an opportunity to experience the practical. No place to hide of course! It was a good mix of like minded people. no-one dominated and I felt comfortable even though I hadn’t done the first part of the course with them.
I’d definitely recommend R2R training to others.

L.S. L.S. @ Counsellor

10/10 Eddie and Deb are both enthusiastic and passionate trainers. The course was very balanced and at a good pace. Excellent training.

J.V. J V @ mental health worker

10/10 Relaxed atmosphere with enthusiastic trainer with a non-judgemental approach. All aspects were useful and the pace was good for me.

A.G. A G @ Coach

10/10 Great atmosphere with friendly and patient trainer. Makes you eager to learn and with a good delivering speed.

E.G. E G @ Student Physiotherapist

10/10 Very informative, very well delivered. Some powerful concepts and shifts. All the practical activities support and consolidate the learning.

F.S. F S @ Coach

10/10 Very informative, concrete strategies, great rapport from the tutors during the sessions. Relevant content. Fabulous Weekends! Really enjoyed all of it to be honest, was able to see how I could use strategies to help me both professionally and personally. Great group sharing of experiences and Knowledge. (helpful)

A T @ Education Professional

10/10 The knowledge of the tutors and the way they delivered the content on a level I could understand. I have ‘dabbled’ with NLP previously but never got it! Extremely relevant personally and professionally – I will never think the same again. THANKYOU!

T.M-M. T M-M @ Behaviour Support

10/10 Fast paced, informative, interactive and concepts explained and demonstrated really well. Interactive, working in pairs and trying out the concepts – eg timelines / mirroring, language etc. Only course I’ve been on where I didn’t ‘dip’ and get tired. Brilliant tutors too.

Y.D.S Y D S @ CBT Counsellor

9/10 I feel that I have learnt a terrific amount about myself and how to consider other people’s feelings leading to their actions. I really enjoyed everything.

A.C. A C @ Business owner

9/10 Very engaging. Time flew and it was very immersive. Useful ways of helping others with ‘stuck’ ways and thinking.

E.U. E U @ Counsellor

10/10 for the combination of theory and practise.

V.C. V C @ Education professional

10/10 Inspiring, thought provoking, educational and practical. All of it was great and the techniques on the last day were surprisingly simple but effective.

S.W. S W @ Physical therapist

10/10 Friendly and informative. Can utilise in all areas.

R.P.K. R P K @ Business owner

10/10 Enjoyed all parts, useful in my future delivery. It was at a good pace.

A.N. A N @ Education Professional

10/10 I thoroughly enjoyed learning all the techniques to self help. I found the practical sessions excellent to deepen my understanding of each technique we learnt. I will be attending the Practitioner course!

A.T. A T @ Classrom assistant

10/10 Very knowledgeable, engaging, relevant and humorous trainers. Practical application linked to theory and lots of opportunity to practise it.

A.K. A K @ Headteacher

10/10 Engaging from welcome, interactive and full of ‘Whys and Hows’

H.M H M @ Tutor

10/10 – Course structure, time management and learning pace. Very user friendly and informative. Empowering.

S.J.M SJM @ Therapist

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