For just the price of a coffee this recording offers a guide to achieving a relaxed state of mind and to develop the skills to become more ‘present’ in the here and now. Being able to move your attention at will can be a very useful thing to develop indeed.

In our everyday  lives it can be easy to just keep going, not noticing the effect of stress on our selves, our relationships and the way we interact with the world. Stress can creep up on us and pretty soon we can find ourselves in desperate situations not being able to think clearly and feeling far from being at our best. Our work and life can suffer, physically, mentally and emotionally. The more stressed we feel the more challenging it can become to relax or take your mind off things, we need to manage stress differently.

It can be useful to think of stress like we think of ‘bacteria’ – in that doing something simple everyday to take care of ourselves can stop the build up and more serious effects bacteria and infection can have. We don’t usually wait until we’re filthy and full of infection and disease to do something about it. Much like just getting into the habit of showering, washing and taking care of ourselves; developing a similar approach to managing stress can make a huge difference to the quality of life we experience and help us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The benefits of lower stress levels can be improved physical and mental health, the ability to problem solve and manage emotion better. To build better relationships and communicate with the people close to us and develop a positive sense of self worth.


Here’s a short sample of the recording for a taster…

How to relax…

Relaxation isn’t about emptying your mind. It’s about being able to focus your attention. After teaching this technique in training events and in one to one sessions over the last few years. I’ve finally decided to make this available to everyone.

At just over 13 minutes in length, the recording guides you through the process of checking in where you are now on a scale of 1-10 – to help you develop your awareness of how you are at the moment. Developing this habit of ‘checking in’ with yourself can be really useful to stop stress creeping up on us and to be able to do something pro-active about it.

Based loosely on Betty Erickson’s self hypnosis patterns this process then takes you through beginning to direct your attention onto your present moment sensory experience. Through what you can ‘feel’ right now, what you can ‘hear’ right now and what you can ‘see’ right now.

Our relaxed state happens when our attention is focussed on our direct sensory experience of the here and now, rather than being lost inside our heads. At the end of the track it then invites you to scale how different you feel after.

How to use this recording…

We recommend using this recording everyday and making it a part of your daily self care habits then noticing the effects for you. We’re all different, and what works for some may not work as well for others straight away. Training your attention can take time, and noticing how many times your attention slips over a period of time can help you work out if this way of doing it is for you or not.

This recording does not take the place of any medical advice and treatment you may be currently undertaking.  We also recommend you only ever use this recording when it is safe to do so. Never listen whilst driving or when taking part in any activity that could cause harm.

We recommend you keep a track of you 1-10 scaling from before and after to check your progress. Once you’ve mastered the process you may find you can begin to direct your own attention more purposefully, so you can begin to let go of worries and anxiety and direct your attention to creating more positive experiences in your own life.

You’ll get lifetime access and unlimited downloads, and all for less than some cups of coffee!

If you’re interested in developing your understanding and awareness of the way we all make sense of the world and communicate, then please visit our Events page for upcoming training opportunities.

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  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Excellent Track – Eddie provides myself with the perfect start or end to my day. I use this to either focus or relax depending on what I want from my day!

    • Eddie Mullany (verified owner)

      Thanks Mark 🙂 Great to hear you’re finding it useful

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