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Roots2Reality are an independent company that work with people. Everything we do is based on empowering creative communication and empowering positive change.

Formed in 2013 after working within Health & Social care for over 25 years, we started Roots2Reality to continue to work with Communities, Services and Organisations offering high quality, affordable and effective support, training and developmental opportunities. 

We believe that the most important thing is People; It is a human driven process that gets any task done. How we do something is the difference that makes the difference in everything we do. This is especially the case when it comes to working with people.

We started Roots2Reality to work with People not labels. We believe everyone is unique, and has the ability and right to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life free from abuse, suffering and poverty and we strive to offer services that are affordable, effective and empower people to create more choice and control within their lives and the lives of others.

Our experience within Services gives us unique insight into the pressures on the coordination and commissioning of Services as well as the direct experience of front line staff and Service Users. As members of the community we can also see the difference in the language, expectations and 'reality' of services across a wide range of fields.

  • Learning disability Services
  • Elderly Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Domestic Violence Services
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Community Groups
  • Youth Work
  • Careers Services
  • Carers Services

Combining our passion for people and creativity, Roots2Reality offer many ways to promote communication. We love to be creative and collaborate on projects that have a positive impact on the well being of others. 

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Our Clients

Good pace, good interaction opportunities, easy to follow and understand. Gave examples of different tools and asked us to think about how we would use them in our jobs and at home

S.M. Manager @ BwD Carers Organisation

Excellent delivery, good resources, very factual.

K.C. Advisor @ BwD Carers organisation

It will be useful in my role with young carers

J.S. Advisor @ CANW

Extremely interesting and useful in my own life as well as my work life

J.W. Advisor @ Bwd Carers Organisation

Really helpful, interactive and delivered very well

K.S. Advisor @ BwD Carers Organisation

Very useful both in my job and personal life

M.S Advisor @ BwD Carers Organisation

Very informative, useful models with realistic methods of applying them.

N.A. NA @ Health minds Calderdale

Really interesting and informative. Oversight of NLP as a model was interesting and thought provoking. Really enjoyed it.

J.G. JG @ Healthy minds Calderdale

I felt stretched in my knowledge of these ideas and it was enjoyable

N.M. N.M@CPC Halifax

Energetic and passionate delivery, well attended with a good mix of backgrounds

L.D. LD @ Children's Centres

Informative and engaging with a practical focus

S.W. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

The NLP can be used in my everyday working environment

J.B. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Interactive – full of information / techniques / explanations and a trainer who was full of passion and conviction

R.H. Manager@BwD Careers Service

Delivery style was really fantastic, use of wording really understandable

S.M. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Packed with useful and practical tools that explained and reinforced the theories/information given

R.M. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

Very informative whilst providing practical examples also delivered at a good pace. The handouts are clear and are great to take away for future reference.

K.B. Advisor@BwD Careers Service

Found it really interesting. Helped me to recognise how small changes in what I do can help myself and others achieve much more

S.V. Adviser@BwD Careers Service

It was a really interesting and engaging day and I found it all extremely valuable.

T. T. SM@The Alzheimers Society