About us

Deb Mullany

Deb is a registered manager, NLP Practitioner, NVQ Assessor and PTTLS qualified teacher in Adult education.

With over 30 years experience of working in Health & Social Care, Deb's career has stretched from working in High Dependency Units, Learning Disability and Elderly Services and Mental Health Services. Her experience covers working frontline services, to managing services in Learning Disability Services and as a Registered Manager in Elderly Care.

Deb's qualifications include

  • INLTPA Accredited NLP Practitioner
  • PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector)
  • Registered Managers Award (NVQ Level 4)
  • NVQ Assessors Award
  • M&H Trainer

Deb's passions include end of life support and support for people living with Dementia. Deb has helped many people navigate their way through the end of life to receive the support and help they need with dignity and compassion. Deb has studied Dementia and it's effects to help people put the plans and habits in place that help them continue to be able to live as independently as possible with choice and control over the future.

Deb's other training includes;

  • Dementia
  • End of life care
  • Communication
  • Person Centred Support
  • Mental Capacity Act & DOLS
  • Advocacy

Deb has  passion and commitment to providing good quality services and training of the highest standard to ensure everyone who needs to access support receives safe, accountable and effective support that meets their needs in a way that suits them.

With a perspective that spans direct experience, frontline services and service management, Deb has a unique ability to help people be heard in all aspects of their care and support.