2019/20 NLP Practitioner Blackpool – Module 3 The Meta Model

And we're off...

So this weekend just gone, found us beginning the first module (module 3) of our 2019 NLP Practitioner Equilibrium-wellnessCertification, working in partnership again with the lovely Sarah, from Equilibrium-Wellness (www.equilibrium-wellness.co.uk)

We began the journey into becoming an NLP Practitioner in her well-being space in Blackpool.


The 'magic' and 'madness' of Language

After some introductions, well-formed outcomes, and a revisit of the content from Foundation Diploma, we began our deeper exploration in the 'L' of 'NLP'. Specifically, by exploring something called  'The Meta Model'.



What we were looking at

The Meta Model was originally described in the first book about NLP written by John Grinder & Richard Bandler; 'The structure of Magic I". Written in 1975 and despite its title, there are no mentions of magic tricks or mystical journeys. What it is, is a rational and critical exploration into the assumptions we have to make to both understand and interact with the world around us. Specifically through Language.

It can be easy in life to take things like language for granted. Whilst this almost automatic process is essential for our 'normal' functioning in the world, it can be also a big part of our struggles and conflict.

It seems that born from the same processes of creativity, planning and collaboration are also born fear, conflict and isolation. Whilst there is 'magic' alive in our awareness, there is also the possibility of 'madness' when our words paint a very different picture than our direct sensory experience shows us.


The Pen is mightier than the sword

Our words can be hypnotic and grab attention and influence thinking and behaviour. Learning how to communicate is one of the most complex things we learn to do as human beings. We learn to do it so well, we forget that what we're talking about, isn't actually the 'thing' we're describing. Whilst our language is not the 'thing', we frequently react and respond to our selves and each other as if it is.

Originally aimed at therapists, The Meta Model offers us a way to recognise and reconnect the internal 'Deep Structure' of experience back to the 'Surface Structure' of  Language.

The Meta Model aims to develop awareness of those processes that turn experience into Language, and Language into experience in a way that offers insight into the assumptions we run, often unconsciously. Language becomes a map of a map.



"You were always on my mind.." ... Always?

It's not about Therapy

We're influenced by language all the time. The things we say to ourselves, the things people say to us, the documents and messages we create and send across the Ether.

The language of politics and media is constantly streamed, printed and shared in living rooms and work places around the world. It seems the more we rely and focus on this surface level of language, the further away from the 'Direct Sensory Experience' of reality we are becoming. The more we rely on language,  more open to being 'hypnotised' into ideas and perspectives, rather than what's in front of our faces.

Experience doesn't come with language attached. Whenever we try to describe or communicate any of our experiences both to others and to ourselves (in thinking & speech/words/symbols) we go through what is know as 'The Universal Modelling Process.


The Universal Modelling Process

Over the weekend we further explored the categories of Deletion, Distortion, and Generalisation with exercises designed to layer the skills of being able identify and respond with rapport and curiosity to the way both we and others create this linguistic version of our realities


  • Deletion, (missing out massive amounts of information)
  • Distortion (creating meaning & relationships in our experience)
  • Generalisation (Generalising meaning across contexts without direct experience)


Once everyone had learned to recognise each of the categories we then explored how, with great rapport, you can help yourself and others enrich your awareness, challenge your limits and expand your choices by skilfully directing attention to the structure of assumptions that hold a meaning together.

Using music, politics, everyday language and media we then went on to explore just how far the rabbit hole goes...

So what now?

Although the Meta Model weekend can be one of the most complex and stretching weekends, everyone managed really well showing great enthusiasm, understanding and skill.


Some great songs were ruined with some amusing meta model responses and some headlines were x-rayed to read between the lines.

A massive thank you to Sarah and  everyone in the group and I'm really looking forward to journey of the next 7 months.

The seeds have been planted for the meta model to grow and develop into a 'magical' behavioural skill over the next 8 months.

Next month we take a wander to wonder in the magical world of Trance and metaphor..



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