NLP Practitioner Programme - Oldham

Adelaide Mill - Oldham


January 2021 – August 2021
(16 days – over 8 weekends)



*  £1450 if sponsored by an employer

For people who have completed the INLPTA Accredited NLP Foundation diploma, we are excited to be able to offer you this opportunity for a fuller experience of NLP to become a Certified NLP Practitioner.

This NLP Practitioner Programme will give you a much deeper exploration into Neuro Linguistic Programming and offer a wealth of practical models and techniques that can help you to:

  • Use everyday conversation to spot and respond to unhelpful patterns of thinking and communication.
  • Utilise trance & metaphor to speak directly to the unconscious to aid learning and support change.
  • Learn powerful approaches & techniques that create real and lasting change
  • Practise & develop your skills in a supportive, friendly environment.


Run over 8 weekends over 8 months this course meets the standards of an INLPTA accredited NLP Practitioner Certification and is fully accredited by the International NLP Trainers Association.


* Just £99 deposit can reserve your place today

Want to become a certified practitioner of NLP?

If you have completed the INLPTA accredited, NLP Foundation Diploma; you’ll already know just how powerful learning these approaches can be. If you’re looking to enhance and develop your skills and knowledge even further, then this course is for you.

This 16 day course is for people who want to further develop themselves and work with others using NLP. That may be alongside coaching, support, counselling, teaching or people management, or for your own personal and professional development. Wherever people work with people the approaches you’ll learn throughout the NLP Practitioner Programme can be the difference that makes the difference in everything you do.

Successful completion of all 8 modules will result in you becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner (*and significant change in yourself).Once you have received your certificate you will also be eligible to register with INLPTA as an NLP Practitioner.

*Warning – Attendance at this course can result in significant change in all areas of your life.

Why train with us?

This course is delivered by Eddie Mullany, INLPTA Certified NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner. Eddie has a wealth of direct experience working with people and utilising the NLP approaches within his everyday work. Eddie has studied NLP for over 10 years and has delivered courses in Education, Health & Social Care, Prisons, Business, Health & fitness, Domestic Violence Services and more.

Our person centred values guide our approach and we offer an easy to follow enjoyable learning experience with down to earth approach to NLP that uses real world examples that bring the training to life, make it engaging and most of all practically useful.

With plenty of time to practise and explore the techniques, you’ll find a great learning experience that offers support and encouragement throughout the training and continues long after.

This course meets the requirements for an accredited NLP Practitioner Programme. It is accredited by The international NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA). INLPTA are active in over 50 countries across 5 continents and promote the standardisation, ethics and quality of NLP training around the world. The NLP Practitioner Certified course is recognised across the world.

for more information about INLPTA please visit:


NLP Practitioner Programme

Adelaide Mill - Oldham
  • JAN 2021 16th/17th
  • FEB 2021  20th/21st
  • MAR 2021 20th/21st
  • APR 2021 17th/18th
  • MAY 2021 15th/16th
  • JUN 2021 19th/20th
  • JUL 2021 17th/18th
  • AUG 2021 14th/15th

** A deposit of £99 can secure your place today

** Balance payable before course commences. Instalment plans are available, contact us to discuss your requirements. Payment can be made securely online through debit / credit card & Paypal. Offline payments also accepted via direct bank transfer and or cheque.

What this course covers

Building on the knowledge gained throughout the NLP Foundation Diploma you’ll get the opportunity to explore further the concepts and approaches that make NLP such a powerful approach to understanding ourselves and others.

Over the 8 months,  you will have plenty of time to deepen the ideas and approaches throughout the programme through practical exercises and learning resources. (Course includes a 200+ page handbook and complimentary access to online resources.

Following the syllabus for an INLPTA accredited NLP Practitioner Programme we will be covering:

Course content includes;

  • Mastering Language – Spotting and responding to generalisations, deletions & distortions in Language, utilising the Meta Model. The Meta Model was the first model developed in NLP and helps us to navigate the often confusing world of words and meaning. Also exploring the artful vagueness of Milton Erickson’s use of language to engage the unconscious and enable people to access altered states of attention.
  • Metaphors and Time – Exploring further how we make sense of the world around us out of conscious awareness and how we can use our perception of ‘time’ to help manage present, past and future based emotions, outcomes and states.
  • Modelling – Relevant to any field and the heart of NLP, You will learn the approaches used within NLP to capture the ‘structure of excellence’.
  • Working with incongruence – Understanding the structure of incongruence and how we ‘hold’ ourselves in conflict
  • Skill integration – The whole course is structured to allow you to build your skills and understanding over the 8 months.You will have Chance to practise all the skills in a safe and supportive environment throughout the course with high quality feedback.
  • Access to online resources and feedback throughout the course to deepen your learning and continue the learning cycle long after the course completes.


The course is a practical skill based course with continuous assessment and feedback.

As a part of this fuller experience you will need to complete short monthly learning logs to demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts and your technical ability to perform the techniques.

There will also be short tasks to complete outside of the training room to further deepen your knowledge and help you get the most out of your experiences.



Booking information

We have a maximum of 12 places for this course, and bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. If you’d like to reserve yourself a place today you can pay a 10% deposit today to secure your place. Balances will be payable before the course commences * (unless you’ve made prior arrangements with us – contact us to discuss.

The price includes all course materials to support the live training and access to a closed group on facebook where you can share resources, ideas and support with the rest of the group outside the live training dates. You will need to attend all 8 modules to certify. (We know that sometimes life can get in the way and where possible we will accommodate missed days or modules on upcoming courses).

This Practitioner course is for participants who have completed the NLP Foundation Diploma, if you haven’t yet completed the NLP Foundation Diploma (See our events page for upcoming dates )

You can book online or get in touch with us to make your reservation.

you can email us at,

or call;

Eddie on 07747 568 671

** A deposit of £99 can secure your place today

** Balance payable before course commences. Instalment plans are available, contact us to discuss your requirements. Payment can be made securely online through debit / credit card & Paypal. Offline payments also accepted via direct bank transfer and or cheque.

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Date(s) - 16/01/2021 - 17/01/2021
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Adelaide Mill