Dementia Awareness – An NLP Perspective

A one day course designed to increase awareness and understanding around dementia

This course explores more about what Dementia is and the differing diagnosis of dementia and  goes further to discuss practical ways you can make adjustments to maintain independence, choice and control over your future, and support others to do the same.

From practical tips around planning for the future and aiding daily living skills this course also begins to explore the things we can all do every day to help manage stress & emotion better to improve our state of mind, memory and learning.

Course content includes:

  • Dementia Diagnosis and pathways to support
  • Dementia Types
  • Understanding perception, thinking & behaviour
  • State & State management
  • Individual difference & Generalisation of labels
  • Practical care & support
  • Planning for the future

This course can be commissioned for your team, group or organisation.

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