Making sense of Autism – An NLP Perspective

Making Sense of Autism – an NLP Perspective

Open to everyone with a curiosity about people

The word ‘Autism’ has become a regular feature on the TV, in our newsfeeds and in the provision of education and services. The number of people receiving a diagnosis has been increasing year on year for the last 25+ years.

If you or someone in your life hasautism, as a partner, relative, friend, or someone you support, you may have sometimes struggled to make sense of the way they experience the world, and how this affects their behaviour.

In this course, we’ll be exploring what the ‘experience’ of ‘Autism’ can be, and just how different we all really are.  It isn’t about ‘diagnoses’ and labels, it’s an opportunity to understand and learn more about the wide variety human behaviour, and dispel some of the myths, stereotypes and assumptions that can sometimes accompany a diagnosis of ‘Autism’.

You’ll leave with a practical understanding of human difference, and a deeper understanding of just how unique we all really are.

You will also learn practical tools and techniques that can help you and the people in your life to :-

  • manage stress & anxiety,
  • recognise and respond positively to others
  • create meaningful relationships.

The course content will cover :-

  • How we all make sense of the world around us.
  • The impact of our senses on the kind of world we experience
  • Individual difference and the effects of labels and assumptions
  • Managing stress & Anxiety
  • How to create meaningful connections with more than just words.

Delivered with a deep understanding of people built on over 25 years of experience both within and outside of services. We still continue to work with people both with and without a diagnosis to develop strategies and ways of ‘being’ in the world that promote choice, well-being and personal growth & development.

Open courses hosted by us are Priced at £75 per delegate for the 1 day (Awareness)  event and the optional 2nd day can be added for a total cost of £125 per delegate (min 12 – max 20)

*Longer term commissioning contracts can be discussed and priced accordingly – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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