Choosing something different

Choosing Something Different

‘We all do what we do because it makes sense to us.’

This modular course was developed and run successfully within a Domestic Violence service.

Originally designed to be delivered to people who may be thought of as ‘challenging or ‘hard to reach’. This course gives people the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities to make positive changes in their lives that make sense to them. We all do what we do because on some level it makes sense to us. People don’t change just because we want them to. Real change happens when it’s self directed and meaningful.

Who can benefit?

As applicable to Men as it is to Women, this course help us to connect to other people in a way that allows for communication and collaboration. The course teaches people how to;

  • Manage Anger & Stress
  • Look after our Mental Health
  • Relate better to others
  • Be more conscious of our choices and actions
  • Be clearer about what we want in life

Very few of us are taught how to get the best from our psychology. How we manage life’s challenges and experiences depends mostly on our ‘State of mind’. Our ‘State of mind’ affects everything we do in life. At work, at home and at play.  This is the ‘stuff’ we should have all been taught from an early age.

We believe that when our thinking changes so do our choices.

We encourage people to develop real outcomes that benefit themselves, partners, families and communities.

Because this is delivered in an effective and engaging way it gives people the opportunity to learn practical techniques, useful models of thinking and things that stay with you long after the training.


content includes

  • State & State management
  • Understanding Perception, Thinking & Behaviour
  • Individual Difference
  • Stress and Stress Management
  • The Drama Triangle
  • Interpersonal Communication & Connection
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Well formed Outcomes


Delivery can be adapted to suit most situations, and has been done previously over 6 weeks with 3 hour sessions. This has also included an initial conversation and a final review for each participant.


More recently this programme has been adapted to run along The Rise-up & Reach out programme. Combining Poetry, Rap, Music & Creativity to allow for self exploration and development. This project has ran successfully in Prisons with Rise-up CIC;

To commission this course or project, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also offer training experiences designed for workers in support work, youth work, social work, Probation, Careers Services etc. When you work with people sometimes the only tools you have are your ability to manage yourself and your ability to communicate.

For more information about the other training opportunities we offer please visit our Courses page

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