NLP Foundation Diploma


An entry level opportunity for people to discover for themselves the processes that make NLP(*) such a powerful approach to change, development and achievement, at both a personal level and in working with others.

(*)  Neuro Linguistic Programming is a very effective form of psychology, based on study of the strategies of people who naturally do things well.  It offers powerful practical approaches that are useful both professionally to assist others, and personally, in managing challenges, enhancing performance and communicating better.

Foundation Diploma training introduces the principles on which Neuro Linguistic Programming is based, and teaches foundation skills and techniques.

Course content includes :-

    • understanding perception, thinking, communication and behaviour
    • the keys to effectiveness
    • working to outcomes and creating motivating futures
    • reading non verbal signals,
    • enhancing rapport and developing influence
    • dealing constructively with interpersonal differences
    • accessing positive feelings at will, and dealing with negative emotions
    • enhancing personal performance

The course meets the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)  requirements for a Foundation Diploma.

For a fuller experience of the benefits of NLP, participants may be eligible to continue training for the award of ‘Certified Practitioner of NLP’ (a further 8 seminars on a monthly basis)

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This course is usually run over two 2 day modules,  however we can also adapt this course to a more modular delivery as long as it meets the INLPTA requirements of a minimum of 30 hours classroom tuition or 4 days course room tuition. Contact us to discuss your requirements.