Mindset for Strength & Performance

Strength & Performance – Adelaide Mill Oldham

Last weekend saw Eddie at Strength and Performance Oldham, delivering a 3 hour ‘taster’ session to their members on understanding our Mindset.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Lynsey & Mark for making this happen and for taking the initiative to offer their members an opportunity to discover the power of learning more about what makes us human beings tick. #NLP

Chatting to the members of the Gym it’s clear that Lynsey and Mark are creating something special here. The commitment to supporting  their members with the whole journey of becoming healthier, fitter, stronger and happier is clear and the environment they’ve created at Adelaide Mill in Oldham is a warm, welcoming and supportive one.

It’s definitely #notjustagym

If your looking for a place to start to challenge yourself physically, learn more about diet and nutrition and meet up with supportive, friendly like minded people you won’t find much better than Strength & Performance Oldham. Connect with them on Facebook here or get in touch on 07477 677529. They’re based at Adelaide Mill in Oldham.


The Session – What is a ‘Mindset’ and Why is it important?

The session started with the usual introductions and to begin to explore what were the challenges people faced in terms of reaching their goals, both inside and outside the Gym and what they wanted from the session.

After a brief introduction to what Neuro Linguistic Programming is we then explored just how we make sense of the world around us. In terms of Perception, Thinking and Behaviour. This practical understanding of “How” we do what we do begins to lay the foundations of understanding what makes us tick, what makes us all unique and how our experience has a structure.

All Performance is State dependent

We explored our ‘State’. And began to understand how our state of mind effects everything we do in life. Developing our awareness of ‘how’ we do it means we can begin to have more choice and control in the kind of ‘states’ we want to be in. This included practical tips of how we can change influence and change our state at will.

Strength & Performance Oldham
The Power of Mental Rehearsal

After some reflections and exercises, we then went on to explore the power of mental rehearsal. Most people are really good at mental rehearsal, the only difference is we tend to use it for things like worry.

The sounds of ‘wow’ in the room never get old, as people realised and understood the power of mental rehearsal in the practical demonstration, and then went on to witness someone achieve a personal best after a short demonstration and then have a go themselves.

and then time beat us… for now

I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who came and made the session really easy to deliver. I hope you all found the session as enjoyable as I did and more importantly, useful and relevant to what you hoped to get from it.

Please do feel free to connect with us on facebook here. We’re always happy to hear from people and about how they’ve used what they’ve learned. That’s when the magic starts to happen.

So what now?

You never know how far a change will go.

Lynsey and Mark are keen to introduce part 2 of this to the members at some point in the near future. Lynsey herself has recently completed the INLPTA NLP Foundation Diploma with us.  I know Lynsey has more plans to integrate what she’s learned into the Gym to benefit the members. It’s great to see the ripple effect of this kind of learning, and imagine the possibilities it can create.


If you’re interested in learning more about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or would like to book a course or taster session please do get in touch with us. We can offer a range of bespoke Applied and Accredited training and development experiences.

Check our our Events page for upcoming courses or get in touch to have a chat about what you may need.

We also offer 1-1 sessions designed to help you develop more choice and control in your life through Psycho-education, Hypnosis and NLP. It’s not all about problems and it can help Stress & Anxiety, Depression and low mood and Personal Change & Development – for more information click here

Thanks again and we hope to see you again soon

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